Slushie 50ml Shortfill


50ml of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle. Does not contain nicotine.

70% VG

EQP01216 ,

Apple & Blackberry – Mouth watering blackberries fused with luscious red apples creating a all day refreshing vape. A mouth watering fresh fruity treat with an icy slush effect.

Apple & Raspberry – A delicious cool vape which leaves a tingling sensation behind. Freshly grown raspberrys blended with thirst quenching red apples to make an all day refreshing vape.

Black Cherry & Raspberry – A sweet and tangy blend of black cherries and raspberries.

Blackcurrant Lemonade – A real summer refresher – tasty blackcurrants mixed with refreshing ice-cold lemonade.

Blueberry – Nothing quite tastes like summer more than a succulent, mouth-watering flavour to quench your thirst. Blueberry Slush is an overwhelming concoction of powerful blueberry and raspberry relish fused with a mighty ice bomb to incorporate the thrilling experience of the frozen tang.

Bubblegum – Bubblegum Slush is sweet simplicity at its finest. Relive your childhood memories as each inhale overwhelms your palate with an ultimate, sweet aroma equivalent to popping a fresh piece of bubblegum.

Caribbean – Have a taste of the relaxing tropical lifestyle with this succulent blend of passion fruits and ripe mangos.

Cherry – Sweetened to perfection, Cherry slush is a take on the cherry Jolly Rancher. Exploding intense cherry notes blended with ice slush leaves your taste buds dazzled

Cola – The amazing cola ice pop evolved into your all day summer Vape. On a hot summers day Cola Ice is a classic for soothing and cooling down your brain. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the scorching sun.

Dragonfruit – Nothing quite says summer like a cool exotic fruit to tickle your taste buds. Dragonfruit Slushie is a unique flavour fused with a refreshing chill making it a perfect all day vape.

Fruit Punch – The juiciest, tangiest and sweetest fruits all blended together to create this mouth-watering fruit punch liquid.

Grape – Freshly squeezed, extra-sweet red grape juice mixed with icy slush.

Grapefruit Lemonade – Sweet, tart and just a little bitter all at the same time – don’t miss this blast of citrus flavour!

Iron Brew – A refreshing vape juice based on a true Scottish classic, you’ll not be disappointed with this unique brew!

Kiwi – Experience the pinnacle of an iceberg as the inhale makes way for incredible notes of kiwi laced with delicate notes of ice slush

Lime – Sweetened to perfection, Lime slush is a powerful citrus explosion blended with intense lime and ice slush that will leave your taste buds dazzled.

Mangosteen & Guava – A combination of classic sweet guava, and exotic mangosteen evoking overtones of peach, lychee and pineapple.

Orange – Experience the taste of this sophisticated sweet orange flavour with a twist of ice slush that has evolved to become a unique sensation.

Orange & Passionfruit – An exotic blend of freshly sliced oranges and a tropical passion fruit sensation. Your favourite Passionfruit flavour with hints of sweet freshly cut oranges.

Parma Violet – A vape juice for true Parma Violet lovers. With this flavour you can enjoy the taste of your favourite sweets all day with no need to worry about the dentist!

Passion Mango – A juicy myriad of passion fruits and ripe mangoes giving you the taste of the island lifestyle. What a perfect companion for a day basking in the warm tropical sun.

Pineapple – A true tropical taste of a tangy iced pineapple kissed with a rich, succulent mango creating an unimaginable vape that will provide the perfect gateway to your very own vape island.

Purple – Experience the taste of this sophisticated sweet blackcurrant flavour with a twist of menthol that has evolved to become a unique sensation.

Rainbow – A deliciously fruity mix of chewy sweet flavours with an icy blast.

Raspberry Bubblegum – A deliciously sweet flavour that’s so delicious you can almost chew it!

Red Bull (Energy) – Inspired by the delicious energetic drinks. An incredible Energy Slush outburst laced with ice slush which dances on your tongue. This is a perfect vape for those who like to explore the world whilst staying refreshed.

Sour Apple & Watermelon – The juiciest flavour we’ve ever tasted – crunchy, tart apple and super refreshing watermelon.

Strawberry – Slushie has taken the classic strawberry slush to a whole new level. Intricately layering ingredients to create an irresistible, strawberry ice kick upon inhale whilst the kiwi explodes exotic vibes on the tongue upon exhale.

Summer – Taking summer fruits to a whole new level. Summer slush is an overwhelming concoction that incorporates the perfect blend of summer fruits on inhale with an ice cool lemonade exhale.

Tropical – An incredible tropical explosion of fruits laced a prominent note of honeydew melon that dances on your tongue.

Watermelon – An incredible watermelon burst laced with ice slush which dances on your tongue.

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Slushie Flavour

Apple & Raspberry Slush, Black Cherry & Raspberry, Blackcurrant Lemonade Slush, Blueberry Slush, Bubblegum Slush, Caribbean, Cherry Slush, Cola Slush, Dragonfruit Slush, Fruit Punch, Grapefruit Lemonade, Iron Brew, Kiwi Slush, Mangosteen & Guava, Orange & Passionfruit Slush, Parma Violet, Passion Mango Slush, Pineapple Slush, Purple Slush, Rainbow (Special Edition), Raspberry Bubblegum, Red Bull (Energy), Sour Apple & Watermelon, Strawberry Slush, Summer Slush, Tropical Slush, Watermelon Slush


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